A Special Program For the Twos

  • What Makes "The Twos" a Good Starting Point?

    As one of the LWFC’s most popular programs, the school’s Twos Program had parents across the tri-state area marveling at how much fun their kids were having, how much they seemed to grasp what was being said, and how beneficial they found the classes and playgroups to be.

    Now, for the first time ever, our Twos Program is virtual. Your littlest learners are invited to join our team of uniquely talented teachers for 10 minute virtual lessons centered around singing, dancing, moving, and laughing.

    With our youngest learners, the focus is on fun engagement that introduces a second language, builds positive associations with languages and learning, and encourages their developing brains to recognize different sounds and words.

  • Start Your Child’s Language Lessons Today!

    • Choose your preferred lesson length below (ex. 5 Weeks 10m Per Lesson),
    • On the enrollment form that opens choose your preferred days per week (ex. if you would like 3 days choose M, W, F),
    • In the comments section, please include at least 2 windows of time you would prefer your lessons between (ex. 8-9am, 1-2pm).
  • Please Note: Due to the demand for lessons, we can not always guarantee your first choice will be available. We will always do our best to accommodate you and will NOT process your payment until we have confirmed your lesson times. We will call you if necessary. If you would like to confirm availability before enrolling, please use the contact form below.