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  • “… There’s a world of difference between teaching young children a language with methods designed specifically and exclusively for them, such as the Thibaut Technique … and teaching them with methods adapted from lessons for adults.”
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    “The more children are engaged, the more likely they are to retain a language,” Thibaut says. “You engage children in different ways depending on the age. With these little ones, you can engage them with your voice, with the gestures, with the way you look at them.”
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    “At French for Tots in Manhattan, François Thibaut teaches children how to speak French. His love of the children and enthusiasm for what he is teaching is legendary among New York parents.”
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    “And judging by a recent visit, they leave with a working vocabulary and an accent parents will envy. Thibaut uses action games so that youngsters learn to take direction in French, skits to sharpen communication skills, plus workbooks and tapes.”
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    “Early learning is thriving in New York. It sounds like beginner’s French, the only difference is that the students have not yet learned how to speak. This is The Language Workshop for Children.”
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    [François Thibaut] “is one of a very few experts in teaching languages to small children.”
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    “At The Language Workshop for Children teachers speak only the target language in their immersion preschools and the teacher never translates …”
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    “Four year old Alexandra D. talks to her toy animals in Japanese. At snack time, she spontaneously shifts to French. Lindsay S. at age 8 shows an ability to carry on a basic conversation in French without the slightest English accent. Both have been students since the age of 2 at The Language Workshop for Children.”
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    “Thibaut has spent his life developing his own series of children’s classes (the Language Workshop for Children), teaching methods (the Thibaut Technique) and educational materials (the Professor Toto Language Education Series).”
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    Foreign Language: The Language Workshop For Children
    Learning a second language enhances a child’s awareness of her primary one. And the similarities and differences between the languages help her understand the sounds, the words, and the rules for putting sentences together. ‘Plus, the more words a child hears by 2, the more her vocabulary will grow,’ says Cindy Kennedy Reedy, a child-development specialist at Arcadia University, in Glenside, Pennsylvania. “These classes engage babies with short, language-based activities that incorporate song and dance.”
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    “In Manhattan’s Upper East Side, well-to-do parents line up around the block to enroll their infants and toddlers in François Thibaut’s language classes.”
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    “Once our daughter got past her initial confusion of a Spanish-only setting, she was engaged by the fast-paced, lively class.”
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    “I first heard of the Language Workshop when a friend, whose son is in a French school in Manhattan, recommended it to me. It was good advice.

    My son attended the French language summer camp and pre-school program 3 years ago at the Manhattan Location. He had very little French when he started the program. He enjoyed the classes, made friends and learnt a lot of French through the immersion in play, arts and crafts and musical activities. The teachers in the Workshop taught him to speak French like a native speaker. The Workshop’s immersion program was a significant factor in his successful admission to one of the French schools in Manhattan. My son is now back at the Language Workshop, attending the Mandarin program at the weekends. He is familiar with the format of the program and is relaxed and is learning Mandarin through immersion.

    My younger son is now also enrolled in the same French program at the Language Workshop during the week and he is enrolled in the Spanish program at the weekends. He has fun with the games and music and arts activities and is learning a lot of vocabulary and is absorbing the languages. My kids both like to listen to the CD of songs from the class at night before bedtime. I found the Professor Toto dvds to be useful, as a French learning aid.

    I think that the teachers are great and very good at communicating with the young kids. The programs develop the kids’ social skills and increase their independence, which is important for starting Pre-K. My kids enjoy going to class at the Workshop. I strongly recommend the Language Workshop.”
    Con M.

    “I recently had the pleasure of sitting in on our grand daughters 20 month to 3 Y/O French class at the 66th & Lex. facility. Her instructor, Jennifer is every bit as charming, charismatic, energetic, and patient with all of the young children as Mary G. Expressed. A long time school board member of a K-8 district I can appreciate the administrative detail and effort this excellent curriculum must take. All the instructors appear to uniformly adhere to the program. Our grand daughter very much enjoys the 90 minute class and at the conclusion always wants “more, more”.

    At home she proudly repeats and uses many of the new words she is learning. Jennifer has NO problem keeping the entire class under control and involved the entire time. We are very satisfied with the school, the program, administration and especially our instructor.
    Thank you.”
    Proud Grandpa, K.C.

    “About 6 months ago, my wife and 5 year old son Bobby planned a summer trip to New York City to visit relatives. We have been planning for him to start learning French at some point in his life so after reading reviews of the best French Camps, we decided to enroll him at the Language Workshop for Children. Two months before he went to NYC, we bought the two Professor Toto CD discs including the one with French songs. He really liked both discs and it was a joy to see him happily singing along and learning French words.

    He really liked French Camp at LWFC and the incredible program Mr. Thibaut has developed. He quickly learned a lot of French and always came home with a smile on his face happily repeating new French words that he learned. We also really liked the projects that he came home with. The number of hours were just right (3 hours/day) for his age. We talked with other parents that had their kids in other French schools and their kids had fun, but did not learn as much French as Bobby learned at LWFC. We recently enrolled him with a French teacher here in Orlando and she was amazed at how much he learned in such a short period of time. Mr. Thibaut really has developed a great technique. I give this school 6 stars out of 5 with the extra star going to Marina, the French administrative assistant who really likes children and liked to practice French with the kids before class.”
    Robert Cambridge

    “As a licensed psychologist and a specialist in child development, I value language. I think it is important to stimulate the brain and expose children early to enhance their ability to learn. Both of my children have been enrolled in both Mandarin and French since they were 6 months old. The program is excellent. My children have participated in both the parent attended classes and the separation classes. The lessons are fun and child friendly. The supplemental materials are useful and interesting. As I speak neither language, to see my children interact with native speakers in a meaningful way in a setting outside of their class is valuable to me. I find the office staff to be helpful and flexible. Make-up classes are very easy to schedule. I also like the private tutoring option. Whenever I have made a suggestion, it has been considered and sometimes implemented. My only concerns/ hope for this organization, is that they can have more classes at different times, in the future. I am a working mother and mid day classes are difficult for me. I tend to take advantage of the Saturday classes.”
    Nichole F.

    “Julie, my daughter’s instructor for the Spanish preschool class at the Manhattan location, seems to be a caring and nurturing teacher that has fostered my daughter’s interest in the Spanish language and has kept her motivated and looking forward to her lessons.”
    Leigh Ann E.

    “My 15-month-old daughter and I attend the mommy & me French class on Lexington & 66th, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about the program. My daughter’s teacher, Jennifer, is a French native who is charming, charismatic, energetic, and patient with all of the young children. I find myself also having fun and expanding my French tongue. From the moment we walk in the door to the moment we leave, everyone is friendly and warm towards my daughter and myself. The best part is that in a very short time, she is picking up the language. They must be doing something right!!”
    Mary G.

    “We couldn’t be happier with French for Tots. The program gave our child something he could really sink his teeth into and challenged his intellectual curiosity. Language has become a playtoy for him now. I think French for Tots is the right choice for parents who care in a very deep way about their children. Mr. Thibaut is a unique and terrific teacher.”
    Mrs. Biederman

    “Both my tots are in the Saturday class with Marie Veronique in the Manhattan location and we love every minute of the class. My children are singing and speaking French more from this class then the one from the French Institute Alliance Francaise. We are glad we signed up for the whole school year.”
    Chrisocici K.

    “I see how eager the children in the class are to learn. For them, learning Spanish is play. I am a physician, and I know that the brain develops fastest when children learn language early. They grasp concepts easier and their pronunciation is perfect. That is why I am sending my children to Spanish for Tots.”
    Dr. Wilczeski

    “As you know this was Jackie’s first exposure to Spanish .. she loved the songs (she sang them every night while she was supposed to be sleeping).”
    Mrs. Wagner

    “For anyone who is serious about giving their young child the gift of a second language, the LWFC is really great! We live downtown and tried nearly every program available for children under 2 in French, and this is by far the most engaging, the most systematic, and the most effective…especially if you are willing to commit to attending the classes and using the simple materials they provide for home use (CD and book for each “semester”).The teachers are native speakers and trained in early childhood teaching methods (as opposed to some of the make-shift classes we attended which basically were little more than Americans singing French nursery rhymes). The Director went out of his way this past year to provide classes downtown as there was such a need for good French and Spanish instruction for babies/toddlers. This year, we will even be traveling uptown for some of the more advanced classes. Well worth the trip and the money.”
    Mrs. Oppenheimer

    “A professionally run, well-rounded program.”
    Mrs. Shapiro

    “It is the only program of its type that approaches language so naturally at such a young age. Mr. Thibaut really cares about the children. It shows, and they can feel it. Mr. Thibaut makes sure there are no competitive feelings in the class. Everyone gets a chance to excel.”
    Mrs. Nerlino

    “Having tried two other “french playgroups for children,” I can say with no hesitation that there is no program that can possibly compare with the LWFC. This is the only school that has exposed my child to another language in a way that she can retain.”
    Mrs. Siegel

    “Great summer program and wonderful teacher. My son really enjoyed it! ”
    Mrs. Pena

    “There is simply no other program like this … I very much like the fact that the kids are not aware of how much they are learning. It all happens naturally, without their knowledge. Mr. Thibaut assumes that kids are capable of learning, and they immediately rise to his expectations. His methods take them directly to proper speech.”
    Mrs. Gale

    “I’m a big fan of the Language Workshop. My kids have built an EXCELLENT base of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation (French for one, Chinese for the other) there because a) I actually read the book that they give to parents, and b) followed its advice. That means during the week I sit down with my kids and go through the story, play the song CD, and review and practice what they are learning in class. (They send home translations.) I was magna cum laude in math because I STUDIED. That’s how it works. Passive parents beget under performing children. Parents guide their kids and work with them on what they are learning in school get results. I totally get what The Language Workshop is doing, and I am a big supporter. ”
    Christine S.

    Forming Sentences in a Foreign Language:
    Learning Differences between Adults and Children

    Neurolinguists and language theorists agree that the first few years of life are optimal for language learning. Language learning appears to be an instinct with a biological basis. Children hear only certain sentences uttered by their parents, but quickly gain the ability to form an infinite number of sentences from a small vocabulary. This suggests that the structural rules for grammar are innate to humans. The current theory on language learning is that these rules apply to all languages and that children are born knowing them.

    In his 45 years of experience as a language educator, my mentor François Thibaut has observed that children’s brains are most malleable for language development during the first three years of life and can be imprinted with the sound of any language during that time. Thibaut likens a toddler’s brain to a computer without a printer—although the toddler is learning the language, he or she may not start speaking it right away. For adults, on the other hand, language learning is much more difficult. However, adults can form their own sentences in a foreign language after 20 hours of instruction, but children cannot.

    As an teaching assistant of preschool-age children at French language immersion summer programs, I observed that although children are able to learn some vocabulary of a foreign language as well as basic sentences that are frequently repeated, most children have difficulty forming their own sentences despite many hours of instruction. In practice, grammatical rules of a foreign language are difficult for children to learn. The purpose of this article is to further explore this issue and how it impacts the methods of teaching foreign language.

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