Parent Comments

  • “As a licensed psychologist and a specialist in child development, I value language. I think it is important to stimulate the brain and expose children early to enhance their ability to learn. Both of my children have been enrolled in both Mandarin and French since they were 6 months old. The program is excellent. The lessons are fun and child friendly. The supplemental materials are useful and interesting. As I speak neither language, to see my children interact with native speakers in a meaningful way in a setting outside of a classroom is valuable to me.”
    Nichole F.

    “Julie, my daughter’s instructor for the Spanish, seems to be a caring and nurturing teacher that has fostered my daughter’s interest in the Spanish language and has kept her motivated and looking forward to her lessons.”
    Leigh Ann E.

    “ I can’t say enough wonderful things about the program. My daughter’s teacher is a French native who is charming, charismatic, energetic, and patient with all of the young children. I find myself also having fun and expanding my French tongue. The best part is that in a very short time, she is picking up the language. They must be doing something right!!”
    Mary G.

    “We couldn’t be happier! The program gave our child something he could really sink his teeth into and challenged his intellectual curiosity. Language has become a playtoy for him now. I think this program is the right choice for parents who care in a very deep way about their children. Mr. Thibaut is a unique and terrific teacher.”
    Mrs. Biederman

    “My children are singing and speaking French more from this class then the one from the French Institute Alliance Francaise. We are glad we signed up for a whole school year.”
    Chrisocici K.

    “I see how eager the children are to learn. For them, learning Spanish is play. I am a physician, and I know that the brain develops fastest when children learn language early. They grasp concepts easier and their pronunciation is perfect.”
    Dr. Wilczeski

    “As you know this was Jackie’s first exposure to Spanish .. she loved the songs (she sang them every night while she was supposed to be sleeping).”
    Mrs. Wagner

    “For anyone who is serious about giving their young child the gift of a second language, the LWFC is really great! We live downtown and tried nearly every program available for children under 2 in French, and this is by far the most engaging, the most systematic, and the most effective…especially if you are willing to using the simple materials they provide for home use (MP3s and book for each “semester”).The teachers are native speakers and trained in early childhood teaching methods (as opposed to some of the make-shift classes we attended which basically were little more than Americans singing French nursery rhymes). Well worth the money.”
    Mrs. Oppenheimer

    “A professionally run, well-rounded program.”
    Mrs. Shapiro

    “It is the only program of its type that approaches language so naturally at such a young age. Mr. Thibaut really cares about the children. It shows, and they can feel it. Mr. Thibaut makes sure veryone gets a chance to excel.”
    Mrs. Nerlino

    “Having tried two other “french classes for children,” I can say with no hesitation that there is no program that can possibly compare with the LWFC. This is the only school that has exposed my child to another language in a way that she can retain.”
    Mrs. Siegel

    “Great program and wonderful teacher. My son really enjoyed it! ”
    Mrs. Pena

    “There is simply no other program like this … I very much like the fact that the kids are not aware of how much they are learning. It all happens naturally, without their knowledge. Mr. Thibaut assumes that kids are capable of learning, and they immediately rise to his expectations. His methods take them directly to proper speech.”
    Mrs. Gale

    “I’m a big fan of the Language Workshop. My kids have built an EXCELLENT base of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation (French for one, Chinese for the other) there because a) I actually read the book that they give to parents, and b) followed its advice. That means during the week I sit down with my kids and go through the story, play the song CD, and review and practice what they are learning in class. (They provide translations.) I was magna cum laude in math because I STUDIED. That’s how it works. Passive parents beget under performing children. Parents guide their kids and work with them on what they are learning in school get results. I totally get what The Language Workshop is doing, and I am a big supporter. ”
    Christine S.