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Open a World of Conversation with a Method Designed Specifically for Young Minds

  • What determines whether a child learns a foreign language and forgets their new skills a week later or uses this knowledge and enthusiasm to fuel a lifelong language learning journey? Methodology and Experience.

    Developed by the pioneers of language education for children, our programs bring 10 years of experience in online instruction to your living room with individualized, active language classes. Each lesson is based on proven methods and materials perfected to capture your little one’s attention during the ages when he or she absorbs information the fastest.

    While other online kids language classes rely on videos for passive learning, LWFC students receive one-on-one, interactive, and humorous lessons with our certified, native-fluent teachers. Our private language lessons give kids the chance to focus on the lesson, hear pronunciation clearer, and consistently practice speaking in their target language.

    Offer your kids a stimulating and engaging learning experience that opens doors to a world of discovery.

  • The LWFC Mission

    Founded in 1973, The Language Workshop for Children has pioneered language acquisition methods unlike those offered anywhere else.

    Our teaching methods have been developed over decades of research and trials. Through collaboration with artists and musicians, we’ve created original educational materials that emphasize the use of effective visual and audio aids.

    Online classes began as requests from parents, but as the participants grew in number, we realized something – our one-on-one private language lessons were making a much bigger impact on the progress of our students – and our students LOVED them!

    Internationally-recognized Techniques

    Originated by Director/Founder François Thibaut, the Thibaut Technique® teaches kids of varying ages French, Spanish, Italian, and English through enriched and humorous interactive lessons.

    Our original vocabulary-building songs, visual aids, and certified, native-fluent language teachers are just a few of the ways the LWFC leads the country in children’s educational language development.

    News and media organizations nationwide have featured the Thibaut Technique® and The Language Workshop for Children, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, New York Magazine, CNN, FOX-TV, Working Mother, Better Homes & Gardens and many other parenting magazines.

  • Give Your Child the Gift of a Second Language

    Your child’s academic possibilities expand when he or she is able to understand and communicate in a second language. Children who grow up bilingual are better prepared for both educational and professional advancements.

    “Students who have at least four years of a foreign language tend to score higher on both the math and verbal portions of the SATs.” – College Board

    Through our online programs, your child can enjoy and benefit from our engaging and memorable avenues of language acquisition which will last him or her a lifetime!