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  • Many language schools offer group classes. Some offer group classes as an option, while others offer them exclusively. If you have ever observed one of these classes, you know they can be a handful, to put it mildly. They can span multiple hours, quickly exhausting the attention spans of even the most interested, attentive, and well-behaved students. They can be noisy and distractingly loaded with social dynamics rather than the content of the lessons themselves. They are also very difficult to personalize, meaning children with different learning styles are less likely to get the type of educational experience and attention they need to thrive.

    At the LWFC, we do things a little differently.

    We strive for greatness. That means we are always looking for feedback and ways to improve in order to give your child the best language-learning experience possible. After extensive study and consideration—including student observation, pedagogical model development, peer-educator workshopping, and thorough review of the latest scholarship from educational and language-learning experts—we made a choice. That choice was to exclusively offer one-on-one lessons and classes to our students.

    With one-on-one lessons, our skilled educators can focus their attention exclusively on the needs, learning style, and interests of your child. There is more of an opportunity to form a direct bond between teacher and student, which studies and experience both show can drastically improve retention. Moreover, students who tend to speak up less or demand less attention in group situations will have their chance to shine and explore in one-on-one lessons.

    We truly believe that one-on-one lessons offer our students a very strong advantage, and set them up for success in ways that group lessons could not. Whether your child is a former group learner or a one-on-one lesson veteran, we look forward to helping them excel with our new and improved one-on-one lesson format.

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    • “… There’s a world of difference between teaching young children a language with methods designed specifically and exclusively for them, such as the Thibaut Technique … and teaching them with methods adapted from lessons for adults.”

      Associated Press
    • “I see how eager the children are to learn. For them, learning Spanish is play. I am a physician, and I know that the brain develops fastest when children learn language early. They grasp concepts easier and their pronunciation is perfect.”

      Dr. Wilczeski
    • “François Thibaut teaches children how to speak French. His love of the children and enthusiasm for what he is teaching is legendary among New York parents.”

      The New York Times
    • “It is the only program of its type that approaches language so naturally at such a young age. Mr. Thibaut really cares about the children. It shows, and they can feel it.”

      Mrs. Nerlino
    • “I can say with no hesitation that there is no program that can possibly compare with the LWFC. This is the only school that has exposed my child to another language in a way that she can retain.”

      Mrs. Siegel