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    Plus Nearly 5 Decades of Classroom Experience, Ranks the LWFC #1 in Language Instruction for Children
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  • Our programs are individualized, active learning language classes designed for your child’s learning style and pace.

    Your child will work with caring and professional instructors, dedicated to making lessons fun, engaging, and memorable.

    Lessons are based on researched and proven methods and materials perfected to capture your little one’s attention during the ages when he or she absorbs information the fastest.

    Other online language classes rely on video for passive learning, but your child will receive one-on-one, interactive and humorous lessons with our certified, native-fluent teachers.

    Group lessons limit your child’s active participation and can be full of distractions, disruptions, and other students speaking their native language. Our private, online classes give them the opportunity to focus on the lessons, hear pronunciations clearer, and have more chances to practice speaking their target language.

    Even the most highly active children enjoy and learn best with our effective and flexible online lessons!

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    • “… There’s a world of difference between teaching young children a language with methods designed specifically and exclusively for them, such as the Thibaut Technique … and teaching them with methods adapted from lessons for adults.”

      Associated Press
    • “I see how eager the children are to learn. For them, learning Spanish is play. I am a physician, and I know that the brain develops fastest when children learn language early. They grasp concepts easier and their pronunciation is perfect.”

      Dr. Wilczeski
    • “François Thibaut teaches children how to speak French. His love of the children and enthusiasm for what he is teaching is legendary among New York parents.”

      The New York Times
    • “It is the only program of its type that approaches language so naturally at such a young age. Mr. Thibaut really cares about the children. It shows, and they can feel it.”

      Mrs. Nerlino
    • “I can say with no hesitation that there is no program that can possibly compare with the LWFC. This is the only school that has exposed my child to another language in a way that she can retain.”

      Mrs. Siegel