• Private Lessons (All Ages, Starting at 2+)

  • Because we have a 10 years of experience in teaching languages online to children of all ages, we know that a child's ability to focus and engage in online learning depends on a combination of factors such as the teaching method, the class duration and the child’s age.

    Below, you will find a list of what we offer based on what we believe is an optimized class time for each age group. During the course of our programs (most likely after the first assessment lessons with your teacher) we may suggest that you either extend or reduce the class duration to get your child to benefit more from the lessons.

    This means you will not waste money! You pay for whatever time your child will benefit from, and nothing else! For example: a 3-year old who would only benefit from a 15-minute lesson 3-5x a week would not be expected to attend a 1 hour class once a week as most children that age would not be able to be fully engaged for that long.

    Tuition and Options

    Age Group Suggested Class Duration 15 Lessons 30 Lessons
    YOU SAVE $30
    45 Lessons
    YOU SAVE $90
    2-3 Years 10 Minutes, 3-5x Per Week
    $240 $450 $630
    3-4 Years 15 Minutes, 3-5x Per Week
    $345 $660 $945
    4-6 Years 20 Minutes, 3-5x Per Week
    $435 $840 $1,215
    6+ Years 30 Minutes, 2-5x Per Week
    $645 $1,260 $1,845
    6+ Years 45 Minutes, 2-5x Per Week
    $960 $1,890 $2,790
    8+ Years 1 Hour, 1-5x Per Week
    $1,275 $2,520 $3,735
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