• Virtual Private Lessons (Ages 2+)

  • The LWFC offers an exciting range of online classes and learning experiences! Our online program stresses one-on-one learning and is catered to the unique needs, strengths, and interests of each child.

    After offering both group and private lessons for many years and analyzing the results of different methods and approaches over time, we have decided to emphasize private lessons at shorter intervals.

    Our school’s founder, [FRANCOIS], personally returned to the classroom to formulate the best pedagogical model for our students. This model was informed by extensive personal teaching experience as well as the latest childhood education and language learning scholarship.

    Our pivot began before the COVID-19 pandemic, but left us ready to adapt to social distance compliance quickly and easily. With our virtual learning programs, your child will have interruption-free access to many unique educational advantages, including:

    • Outstanding Native-Speaking Teachers. Our new online program has allowed us to expand our staff to include teachers who live abroad. This gives our students the opportunity to learn from native speakers who are also expertly trained full-time language teachers and specialists. Give your child the chance to learn French from a Parisian language arts educator, or Spanish from a Bogotán early childhood specialist!

    • Flexible Scheduling: One major advantage of virtual learning is that lessons can be scheduled around your life, rather than vice versa. Virtual lessons can also be set up wherever there’s an open internet connection. This means that your child doesn’t have to miss lessons on vacation, or dip into lesson time if there’s traffic or the train is running late.

    • Bespoke Lesson Length*: In-person learning has traditionally required teachers to keep mandatory minimum lesson times. This is necessary in order to justify the investment of time, travel, and resources made by the teacher in physically getting to their lessons. We value our teachers and support their right to a fair wage for their time and labor. Therefore, we cannot in good conscience demand that a teacher spend the time, money, and effort to travel to a lesson without enough work to justify their expenses. It would be very difficult—not to mention unfair—to get a teacher to show up for any in-person lesson lasting less than one hour.

    • Teaching Styles Catered to Your Child’s Needs: After many years of teaching, observation, and review of the latest educational studies, we strongly believe that many children benefit more from one-on-one lessons than from a classroom dynamic. While classrooms can be fun for some children, they tend to be far more distracting. Teachers often wind up spending as much time on behavioral control as they do on language skills, which can seriously impede the ability of each child to get the most out of their lessons.

    For this reason, we have pivoted all of our offerings to one-on-one, online lessons.

  • *Unfortunately, hour-long lessons are not optimal for most children, especially younger children. Recent studies have indicated that children do much better with short, regular language lessons of 15-30 minutes, two to four times a week. Those 15-30 minutes while fully engaged can be much more valuable than one hour while antsy and distracted.

    That’s where virtual learning comes in. Whereas 15-minute lessons are virtually impossible to facilitate in-person, they are entirely possible with online learning. This gives your child access to lessons that are an optimal length for their individual needs. Shorter lessons are also more cost-effective, and ensure that you are not paying for lesson time that your child will not be able to make use of. The savings–and the educational benefits–get passed to you and your child.

  • Tuition & Options

  • Because we have a 10 years of experience in teaching languages online to children of all ages, we know that a child's ability to focus and engage in online learning depends on a combination of factors such as the teaching method, the class duration and the child’s age.

    Below, you will find a list of what we offer based on what we believe is an optimized class time for each age group. During the course of our programs (most likely after the first assessment lessons with your teacher) we may suggest that you either extend or reduce the class duration to get your child to benefit more from the lessons.

    This means you will not waste money! You pay for whatever time your child will benefit from, and nothing else! For example: a 3-year old who would only benefit from a 15-minute lesson 3-5x a week would not be expected to attend a 1 hour class once a week as most children that age would not be able to be fully engaged for that long.

  • Age Group Suggested Class Duration 15 Lessons 30 Lessons
    YOU SAVE $30
    45 Lessons
    YOU SAVE $90
    2-3 Years 10 Minutes, 3-5x Per Week
    $240 $450 $630
    3-4 Years 15 Minutes, 3-5x Per Week
    $345 $660 $945
    4-6 Years 20 Minutes, 3-5x Per Week
    $435 $840 $1,215
    6+ Years 30 Minutes, 2-5x Per Week
    $645 $1,260 $1,845
    6+ Years 45 Minutes, 2-5x Per Week
    $960 $1,890 $2,790
    8+ Years 1 Hour, 1-5x Per Week
    $1,275 $2,520 $3,735
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