Transform Learning with One-on-One Instruction

  • What Makes our Private Lessons So Valuable?

    • Our team of dedicated, thoroughly-vetted teachers have 10 years of training and experience in online instruction -- which makes them uniquely able to guide you and your child through the virtual learning experience.
    • Students aren’t distracted by peers talking in their native language, are gifted with the undivided attention and personalized curriculum that comes from working individually with an instructor, and have the chance to jump right into communication and receive instant feedback.
    • Lessons are based on researched, tested, and proven methods developed from over 50 years of classroom instruction.
    • Personalized curriculum and lessons plans are created to ensure each and every student reaches achievable goals and maintains consistent progress.

    Why Do Kids Enjoy Our Online Lessons So Much?

    • Kids love our colorful, funny, and emotionally-engaging materials that make them feel good about learning!
    • Our teachers LOVE working with our students and our students LOVE having their teacher’s full attention!
    • Intentionally shorter lessons make learning a new language an enjoyable activity that kids get excited about!
    • Students learning through Skype have the chance to share their lessons with their parents, encouraging a love of learning and giving them a sense of pride!
  • For Students Ages 3+
      20M 30M 1Hr
    10 Lessons $349 $495 $900
    20 Lessons $649 $900 $1,700
    30 Lessons $900 $1,295 $2,400
    Special Program for the Twos

    Children between the ages of 2 and 3 can choose from the options shown below. All lessons are 10 minutes long.

      5 Weeks 10 Weeks 15 Weeks
    3 Times a Week $270 $513 $757
    4 Times a Week $340 $646 $953
    5 Times a Week $400 $760 $1,122
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