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The Innovative Method That’s Won International Acclaim

  • About the Thibaut Technique®

    The Thibaut Technique® is a whole language approach employing both sides of the brain. This method combines carefully structured curriculum and a child’s innate love of play. With the Thibaut Technique®, kids learn naturally, not by translating. First, they hear/see, then they understand, and finally they speak.

    Our instructor-led interactive lessons are based on the human ability to remember 10% of what we hear, 35% of what we see, and 65% of what we hear and see at the same time. The LWFC’s online lessons take advantage of the fact that kids love using technology and learn well through online programs – imagine your child getting excited to sit down at the computer and learn a second or third language!

    Toddlers and Pre-schoolers (3+): At this malleable age and with such short attention spans, your littles ones will love to learn from and sing along to our specially designed, original songs. During private, online lessons with our Thibaut Technique®-certified teachers, your child will be captivated by the vivid sights of our bright and funny visual teaching materials.

    Age 4 to 6: We begin using various learning materials we’ve created over the years to develop your child’s understanding in the target language. Your child’s creativity and excitement for learning will grow along with comprehension of new vocabulary. In between lessons, we also provide video material that can be revisited as often as you or your child likes between lessons as review. This continued practice not only initiates faster learning, but it’s the type of homework that your child will LOVE!

    Age 6 to 9: School-age children begin to fine-tune their vocabulary during our classes and start working on the syllables and spellings using the chat feature of our online teaching software. In between lessons, we provide video materials to develop self-motivation for academic success. This is the kind of positive reinforcement we’re working hard to instill in young children.

    9 and Above: By the time a child is 9, the approach is totally different from one child to another. Therefore, the materials used and teaching style applied depends on the student’s age, needs and goals. Conversation is taught at 6 different levels (Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Introductory to Intermediate, Intermediate, Conversational, and Advanced). Tutoring and test prep require an assessment by the program Director to design a specific curriculum for each student.

  • Reviews from Delighted Customers

    First Experience with Remote Learning
    Before the LWFC, Dylan’s mom had never tried any remote learning programs for her 6-year-old. At first, she had no idea what to expect, but after a few weeks she reported: “Julie, my daughter’s instructor for Spanish at the Language Workshop for Children, seems to be a caring and nurturing teacher that has fostered my daughter’s interest in the Spanish language and has kept her motivated and looking forward to her lessons.”

    Crunched for Time

    Miriam is an international student with an extremely demanding homework and extracurricular schedule. Thanks to the flexibility of our online programs, she was able to convert the commuting time she saved to both a tutoring program and test prep course for the French Baccalaureate.

    A Highly Active Child

    Sera, a 6-year-old taking 45-minute private lessons at our school in New York, was extremely active and couldn’t concentrate for any length of time. After two weeks, we contacted the parents and suggested shortening to a 25-minute lesson. It was still too much for this child. We then switched the student to online lessons, and were amazed with the level of her participation. She loved putting on her pink bunny-headphones, laughing at the visual aids presented by the teacher, and repeating the words. Since then, she’s been completing 30-minute lessons twice a week and she loves it!

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