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How Language Learning Sets Your Child Up for Success

April 29, 2020

As increasing numbers of schools announce plans to remain closed through the remainder of the year, summer schools suspend programs, and some districts wonder out loud about the viability of students returning to classrooms in September; many of us are growing concerned about our kids falling behind academically.

For parents looking to ensure their kids stay on track academically, teaching kids a second language provides an exciting solution. With a host of online language learning activities and tools available to parents and children today, learning a second language has never been easier.

Wondering how second language acquisition will benefit your child? Let’s take a look.

Bilingual Children Score Better on Standardized Tests

Research shows that children who speak two or more languages consistently score higher standardized exams and demonstrate improved reading, writing, and math skills. By teaching your child a second language as a toddler or young kid, you’re providing them with a cognitive framework that facilitates increased academic success for the rest of their education.

Mental Flexibility Leads to Critical Thinking

Learning a second language early in life results in higher levels of mental flexibility. What does this mean for your child? It means that your child’s brain will be better able to avoid rigid and absolute thinking and demonstrate stronger problem solving and critical thinking skills. As they move beyond rote memorization in early grades and into the complex learning required of them in high school and beyond, these skills will prove to be critical to their success.

Greater Empathy Inspires Global Citizenship

Studies show that children who are exposed to second and third languages demonstrate more positive attitudes to the cultures associated with those languages. By introducing your child to the French, Spanish, Italian, or German language, you are – by default – also introducing them to the cultures and people of those nations. As they grow in cultural awareness, they become open-minded, empathetic and ready to take their place in what has become a global economy.

Wondering how to get started? Interactive language lessons are the perfect starting point! Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know how to start your child on an exciting language journey.

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