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Why Online Instruction Could be a Game Changer for Your Child

July 03, 2020

After nearly 50 years of successfully transforming the landscape of early childhood language education, we heeded the request of parents and moved our lessons online.

While contemplating the upcoming school year, we checked in with our team of dedicated, native-speaking instructors to hear about their experience with virtual learning and were blown away by astounding progress our students have made.

Digging a little deeper into why, we asked our team of educators to explain why online instruction has yielded significantly better outcomes than their in-person, group lesson counterparts. Here’s what we learned.

Shorter, More Frequent Lessons Increase Skill Retention: By moving our lessons online, we were able to reduce lesson duration to a more age-appropriate twenty minutes. By combining shorter lessons with individualized attention, our teachers report more success in keeping students’ engaged and focus throughout the entire lesson.

One-On-One Instruction Builds Meaningful Teacher/Student Connections: Interpersonal connections are critical to young students’ social-emotional development. Working one-on-one with students multiple times a week allows our teachers and students to develop deep and meaningful bonds. Not only does this allow students to feel comfortable enough to risk making mistakes, it allows for immediate feedback, consistent praise, and a sense of shared accomplishment.

Private Lessons Organically Facilitate Personalized Instruction: Hands down, the biggest benefit of one-on-one instruction is the ability to fully customize every lesson to each student’s skill sets, needs, and personality. Not only does this eliminate boredom, it dramatically accelerates the progression of their development.

Less Distractions Mean More Engagement: While in-person classes create a fun social environment for students, they also lend themselves to increased distractions. Between other students speaking in their native languages and the occasional interpersonal conflict, our teachers report spending far more time redirecting students’ attention than instructing. During private lessons, students’ ability to concentrate is dramatically improved and the amount that can be accomplished in a much shorter time is incredible.


Want to learn more? We’d love to connect and walk you through our language lessons for toddlers and kids. Ready to start your child on a language learning journey that will last a lifetime? Register below!

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